The currency of the «composition» rise again after the split, the price exceeded $ 3,000 for the first time since June, and continued to rise to $ 3,200 for the first time in its history, achieving a new record, and this rise accompanied by a peak in the volume of trading, The market value of the «composition» currently about $ 54.13 billion.

According to the price index of the «PBI» on the site «QueenDisco», the price of the currency began to rise again, exceeding $ 3,000 for the first time, and market data indicate that the recent wave of rise began after 1:00 UTC On August 5, the price of the currency exceeded $ 2,900, and at 3:12 am UTC, the currency was able to exceed $ 3,000.

As soon as this article was written, the currency price index showed that the currency had reached a record high of $ 3,360.87 and the currency was trading at $ 3,266.81. The last time the $ 3,000 currency was breached was 12 June, and the peak in volume also exceeded the market value of the currency 50 billion for the first time, as the currency index showed that the composition of the market value is currently equivalent to about $ 54.13 billion.

The data reveal the significant jump in volume, as the jump was accompanied by currency fluctuations. The volume of trading increased along with the value of the “composition” currency. Data show that trade reached a peak around 20:00 on August 5, August. Moreover, the overall trading moved from 4 to 5 August more than any other time this week.

In spite of many predictions that the currency of the “composition” will not do well after the split, these numbers point to the exact opposite. Moreover, some members of the Reedit site argued that the value of the “composition” currency has increased by $ 1 per day since its issuance, Thus, Chiba Javari of Goldman Sachs appears to be correct in his prediction of the start of the “F” wave – a term that refers to the last wave of growth based on technical analysis of the financial cycles depending on the stages of growth and volatility – which could increase the currency to 3,700 Dollars.