The new currency of bitcoin betquinn  betquin

Bitcoin betquinn  betquin, Cash is a new digital currency due to the split of the original Betkin. Who now owns it now owns the Betquin + with the formation of Cash. The reason for this is the result of the split of the original Betkin, the BCH or BCC.

In November 2017, the currency rose to $ 1200, the highest price it receives. The most important reason is its support from bitmain, the first company in the mining industry. The company took action at the time when the currency was about $ 500. It canceled the payment through Petequin, Paying through KFH Cash makes the demand more than the currency not because people want to buy but forecast the future of the currency. A senior company official said on Twitter that Betquin Cash is Betcuen Cash and Betcuene is a Petcowin in reference but that this is independent of itself perhaps.


How to get a Cash Betquin?

You can buy KFU Cash from all trading platforms and here is an explanation of how to buy coins with Visa and also who owned the currency of the Betquin he actually owns the currency of the Betcuin Cash and enter it. Some trading platforms sell them.

According to the ArabBet website, you need the private key in the first step, so you have the passkey for your regular Bitcoin, so go to the next step.

Create a BCH cash register using your passcode.

Wait a while and give the process some time and do not rush the most important that you own your passkey.

Some of the famous sites have added a cash bonus automatically to kraken example to your wallet and as you own it.

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A list of sites through which you can create a homeowner cash account.