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The concept of online shopping

The concept of online shopping Online shopping is a store where it is possible to buy everything from it easily through a computer or mobile phone, and often provides the best types of products to consumers. Online shopping is also known as the search for a product by visiting the …

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Viewpoint: WTO and e-commerce rules

With the rapid increase of commercial exchanges on the Internet, there are increasing calls for international rules for e-commerce. In today’s perspective, we listen to comments by Junji Nakagawa, professor at the Institute of Social Sciences, University of Tokyo, on the main points of the WTO conference at the next …

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Shopping festivals reflect the boom of Chinese e-commerce platforms

“If you missed the opportunity to shop during the November 11 shopping festival, that’s fine, you’ll have a chance to shop during Black Friday. If you missed the chance to shop on Black Friday, that’s fine. There will be a chance during the December 12th shopping festival and New Year’s …

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What is the holding company?

The holding company is a joint stock company whose activity is limited to owning shares of the capital of other companies operating in the different sectors of the economy, provided that these shares are sufficient to control the subsidiary companies by controlling their boards of directors and determining their major …

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The Andean Community is an economic bloc in South America

The Andean Community is an economic bloc in South America The Andean Community of South America is an organization of States with an international legal status consisting of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, as well as the bodies and institutions comprising the Andean Integration System (Ace). The Andean Community was …

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MALTA «BATQUIN» breaks a new record price

The currency of the «composition» rise again after the split, the price exceeded $ 3,000 for the first time since June, and continued to rise to $ 3,200 for the first time in its history, achieving a new record, and this rise accompanied by a peak in the volume of …

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