The concept of online shopping

Online shopping is a store where it is possible to buy everything from it easily through a computer or mobile phone, and often provides the best types of products to consumers. Online shopping is also known as the search for a product by visiting the store’s website, and then preparing the purchase order for the desired product. [1] Other online shop tariffs include a range of sales and purchases involving many types of goods Such as homes, clothes, electronic devices, accessories of all kinds, and other products. Online shopping is a relatively new concept; the shopper may be concerned about fraud or theft, forget about any information about the purchase electronic account, such as a password, and may not trust that his or her personal information will be safe with merchants through The Internet, so many people deal with the idea of ​​shopping online very carefully, which is necessary in this type of shopping; because it helps to protect individuals from any operations of the monument.


Benefits of shopping online

Online shopping offers a lot of benefits to customers. The most important of all is the detailed information about the products. One of the main advantages of online shopping is the detailed and complete information about products offered for sale on websites such as prices, specifications, Other details help consumers choose the right product for them. Learn about others’ opinions: One of the important benefits of online shopping is that it helps customers choose products that they think about. It helps customers learn more about the nature of the products. Online shopping saves time and effort: it is one of the most important benefits of online shopping; it contributes to saving a lot of time The result is a reduction in the effort made by consumers during the purchase process, because online shopping saves the shopper time while roaming the traditional market to see dozens of shops looking for something that may be difficult to find. It is easy to compare to electronic stores on the Internet, which can save it in just a few minutes.  Providing products at low prices: competitive advantages between traditional markets, e-markets and online stores; So that it can attract more customers to deal with it. It also provides many additional means for the convenience of customers, including the delivery of products that have been purchased to their homes.


Online shopping requirements

Online shopping depends on a set of important requirements:  a computer or a mobile phone: the two tools that help you search for the products you want online, and then start preparing your purchase form for a predefined time period. Internet connection: One of the essential requirements that must be provided for successful online shopping. Be sure to provide fast and lasting connection to the Internet before you begin any shopping step, which helps you successfully complete your shopping. Payment option: The method used to pay for the goods obtained from the Internet. It includes one of the following methods: The bank card is an electronic card that is linked to the buyer’s bank account. It must provide the website with all the required details about the card so that it can discount The cost required for the purchase. Payment upon receipt: It is a modern means of payment, which depends on building mutual trust between the buyer and the trader. After completing all the steps related to the purchase, the goods are delivered to the customer, which is paid when received by the person responsible for delivering the store’s requests. customers.


Online Shopping Tips

There are a set of tips that you need to know before thinking about online shopping:  You should beware of e-mail-based business offers; it can contain a host of harmful links that are designed to steal buyer information. It is recommended to follow the famous e-commerce sites, which are dealt with by many customers, which contributes to increase the confidence in dealing with them. Do not provide financial information directly until you confirm that your purchase has been completed. It is important to ensure that the website of the store starts with https, indicating that the site is reliable and acceptable to deal with, because the degree of safety is appropriate. Follow up the balance of the bank card after completing the purchase process, and make sure that the amount paid is identical to what appeared on the website, and what will be obtained through the invoice. It is advisable to avoid payment by bank checks sent through regular mail; they may not provide sufficient degree of protection to the buyer. Maintain a computer by using a suitable firewall with an anti-virus program and malicious software, which may lead to computer hacking.



Online shopping is one of the most modern ways of influencing the world trade sector. It has contributed to the development of many commercial tools and tools through the transition from traditional commerce to modern e-commerce, which relied entirely on the use of the Internet. Save time and effort on consumers, and help them to identify the nature of products on the market. Online shopping is based on a set of requirements that must be met so that the consumer can handle this type of shopping correctly, and also commit to special shopping tips, so that he can make the purchase correctly and with great care and caution.