You know “Ethrium” the second most powerful virtual currency

Although Block Chain has been associated with Bitquin, it is a technology that contains many digital currencies, but hundreds of them, including Etherium, which today re-named the world’s second largest currency by market value after PeteCwin, Dollars for the first time ever.

# Ethium benefited from the retreat of its main competitor, Ripple, up 6.15 percent to $ 1219 after hitting $ 1266, its highest level ever. With a total market value of $ 118 billion, placing it second among the largest digital currencies, outperforming the $ 101 billion RIBL.

# Petcavin fell 2.25 percent to $ 15831 while Ripple fell 17.30 percent to $ 2.62.


What is Ethium?
Simply put, Atrium is an open software platform based on Block Chain technology that enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications. To deal with them, you must have a user account and password, and the easiest way is to download the Etherhereum Wallet application. And most importantly, do not forget the password, as there is no box for users who forget their passwords.
When an account exists, the app will take you to Wallet where your balance will be $ 0. You will have an address with your own numbers and letters.

Is it similar to ethylene chlorine?
Like Betcuen, Ethrium is a public and distributed Block Chain network. However, there are some important technical differences between the two currencies, the most important of which is that Betcuen and Athriom differ significantly in goal and capacity. KFU offers one block block application, which enables users to pay the value of their home online. While Blochen’s technology is used to track the ownership of the digital currency, Ethium technology focuses on running the programming code from any decentralized application.

Some users work on an ethium gain, a type of encryption code that feeds the network. In addition to digital currency trading, Ether also uses application developers to pay transaction fees and services in an ethium network.