Medication with natural medicinal herbs, it was famous in the recent period for medication and treatment and the use of natural herbs and plants as an alternative to well-known chemical and medicinal drugs, as these herbs and plants are of great benefit and healing after God from many chronic and incurable diseases, natural herbal medicine is one of the oldest forms of treatment since ancient times Time, so it is used in most countries and different cultures because it has a great and great role in providing medical care.

The most important medicinal herbs


Dandelion is considered a natural medicinal herbal as it is used in many diseases, as I am treating cholecystitis, as the dandelion’s roots contain compounds that stimulate and form bile in the gallbladder and help eliminate fats and cholesterol.
Turmeric has anti-cancer properties and is considered one of the most important anti-inflammatory herbs used to treat arthritis and as a topical wound treatment, etc., and is used in cooking in many of the main diets.


Basil herb is used to treat many diseases and to prevent it as it helps in treating lower back pain by eating a boiled cup of basil herb with a bit of original Sidr honey. This recipe is taken in the morning on an empty stomach to obtain great and magical benefits, God willing.

The ring

Fenugreek is used to gain weight throughout the entire body, especially the face and buttocks, and is used by women to regulate the menstrual cycle and to provide milk for lactating women and is used for breast enlargement in adolescent girls.


Lover of many Ginger is the most important plant used in the winter period to treat colds, colds, colds, coughs, and it has great and magical benefits for treating frigidity and impotence in the couple.

Where to provide medicinal herbs

Everyone can get these herbs and many other herbs that are used as an alternative to medicinal drugs in most perfumery stores. One of the best features of medicinal herbal medication is the lack of damage to use or major side effects as it is caused by medicinal drugs and this is a great advantage in natural herbs.