Al Rajhi US shares trading

Al-Rajhi US shares trading is one of the most important investment options available in the Saudi stock market and trading shares through Al-Rajhi Bank is a special matter as the bank conducts its transactions in accordance with Islamic Sharia regulations and access to more profits by investing in halal shares are not only Saudi stocks but investment in The most famous American stock, too.

How do I register in Al-Rajhi trading?

• Initially, you must enter the official website and register via the link on the main page.
• In the event of an account with Al-Rajhi, the customer’s name and passcode will be entered and the required option selected.
• In the case of opening a new account with Al-Rajhi, the user name will be registered through the existing options and start opening the account.
• The emergence of a new page and the data for the account and data entered
• Identification Number
• Investment portfolio number
• In case the wallet number is unknown, contact customer service to obtain it through the following number 8001245858.
• After completing these steps, the bank will send the activation code through the text messages to the mobile phone.
• Start to enter the activation code and click on the Next icon, where the services provided by the bank appear, and the investor selects the electronic trading service, then click on the Next icon.
• The investor looks at the bank’s articles and in the event of acceptance of them, click on the OK icon.
• The next step is to choose a username and passcode and enter this code again and confirm its status and the investor’s email, and this is how the way to receive messages from the bank is determined and it is through two methods
• Messages through e-mail
• Short text messages
• Choosing the type of service that meets the needs of the investor based on it, determining the value of costs and the type of subscription, then clicking on the Next icon and determining the portfolio through which costs are deducted by clicking on the icon and confirmation and then approving.
• With this, registration in Al-Rajhi Trading will be completed.

The advantages of trading US stocks with Al-Rajhi

• Providing customer service in Arabic for the ability to communicate with ease.
• Al-Rajhi Tadawul is a company that is distinguished by its headquarters and known to its clients, and this is what distinguishes it from many other companies present in the market.
• Transparency and credibility are among the most important features that you enjoy.
• Providing a technical support service to answer investors’ questions 24 hours a day, to provide the best services to investors.
• Providing a good service for investors characterized by speed, accuracy and easy communication with them.

How to trade stocks through Al Rajhi Internet

• Entering the official website of the bank.
• Clicking Subscription Services shows three options
Purchase subscription shares
Selling IPO shares
• Increase of capital
• The option to sell the IPO shares is selected, after which the list of companies whose subscription is to be offered appears.
• Specifying the companies whose shares it wants to sell showing a page with all the information about this company and them
• The name
• Number of Shares
• Customer Number
• Wallet number
• Upon completion, the implementation option will be clicked.